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cool *American English Reductions* - >>   Show Printable Version  Show Printable Version   Email this Page  Email this Page   07-07-2011, 04:47 AM

American English Reductions.

In this lesson you will learn reductions formed with word(s) + you.
So, Let's Start Now.

Formation: betcha = bet + you
Usage: Betcha can't eat just one.
Meaning: Bet you can't eat just one.

Formation: doncha = don't + you
Usage: Doncha think that exam was hard.
Meaning: Don't you think that exam was hard.

Formation: getcha = get + you
Usage: I'm planning to getcha some new clothes.
Meaning: I'm planning to get you some new clothes.

Formation: gotcha = got + you
Usage: I already gotcha some new clothes.
Meaning: I already got you some new clothes.

Formation: howarya = how + are + you
Usage: Howarya doing today?
Meaning: How are you doing today?

Formation: howdya = how + do + you
Usage: Howdya make delicious sushi?
Meaning: How do you make delicious sushi?

Formation: howjya = how + did + you
Usage: Howjya get the money for school?
Meaning: How did you get the money for school?

Formation: howujya = how + would + you
Usage: Howujya get the answer to this problem.
Meaning: How would you get the answer to this problem.

Formation: jya = did + you
Usage: Jya go to class today?
Meaning: Did you go to class today?

Formation: waddaya = what + are + you
Usage: Waddaya doing tonight?
Meaning: What are you doing tonight?

Formation: waddaya = what + do + you
Usage: Waddaya think of this restaurant?
Meaning: What do you think of this restaurant?

Formation: wancha = want + you
Usage: I wancha to do your homework.
Meaning: I want you to do your homework.

Formation: whajya = what + did + you
Usage: Whajya do today?
Meaning: What did you do today?

Formation: whenjya = when + did + you
Usage: Whenjya decide to study English?
Meaning: When did you decide to study English?

Formation: wherjya = where + did + you
Usage: Wherjya go today?
Meaning: Where did you go today?

Formation: whojya = who + did + you
Usage: Whojya go to the park with today?
Meaning: Who did you go to the park with today?

Formation: woujya = would + you
Usage: Woujya like to go to the movies tonight?
Meaning: Would you like to go to the movies tonight?

I Hope You All Might Be Understood.


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.. нoolιgan
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Default Re: *American English Reductions* - >>   Show Printable Version  Show Printable Version   Email this Page  Email this Page   07-14-2017, 01:11 AM

British Accent is an Standard rather then American


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