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?? Who is running the show? Insight into Pakistani News TV Channels - >>   Show Printable Version  Show Printable Version   Email this Page  Email this Page   05-31-2009, 04:11 PM

Who is running the show? Insight into Pakistani News TV Channels

The time was 1915hrs (Pakistan standard time), the date was 19th of March 2008.

All Pakistani news TV channels were busy broadcasting live discussions/commentary on elections of Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly. When suddenly out of nowhere, almost all Pakistani news channels interrupted their live broadcasts on the Parliamentary elections to go live to CNN International.

So what was the reason. President Bush's speech to the Pentagoon. And yes .. in English too. It didn't occur to the channels owners that the whole nation was far more interested in watching the Parliamentary election, rather than listening to yet another Islamophobic speech by satan himself. Well that too was not just another hate speech, but this particular one's theme was to brag about their mass murderous crimes in Iraq. (and less than 10% of Pakistanis understand english didn't bother these soldout scumbags too)

I surfed to see if others were following suite or what. I was completely flabbergasted. Starting with the usual Geo TV, leading the pack. ARY Oneworld, AAJ News, DAWN NEWS, KTN News, SAMAA, Express News, 5 Channel were among other accomplices. (You must appreciate the courage of these channels to cut live transmission from our Parliament to show a head of state of another country bragging about his warcrimes... i guess this love is out in the open now.. we no longer hide our infatuation with this warmongerer... we no longer feel ashamed???)

Before this, only Geo TV was believed to be such a propa****a outlet serving her western masters. But now it is proved without a doubt that almost all of Pakistani mass media has been sold out. They will do whatever their western masters will tell them to do. Please spread the word about this complete enslavement of Local mass media and tell people not to believe their stories without a substantial degree of skepticism. One easy way to filter the truth from lies is to believe in the exact opposite of what's been told. In my experience, almost 60 to 80 % of all news items are complete lies. One good thing about complete lies is how easily it makes for you to know what the real story is all about. A complete lie can be likened to a mirror image. When you move your left hand, the mirror will show your right hand move, and vice versa. So my advice to all the truth seekers is to be more inquisitive, try to read between the lines, think of exact opposite possibilities and see if this makes more sense, and lastly be honest in making judgments about others, don't just spread what they are telling you, be original, come to your own conclusions.


بہترین کلام اللہ کا کلام ( قرآن کریم ) ہے اور بہترین ھدایت و طریقہ حضرت محمد صلی اللہ علیہ و سلم کا لایا ھوا دین ہے ۔،
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